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Cedar shingles emerged as the preferred building material for siding in the 1600s. Resistance to rot, weather worthiness, ease of use, combined with the abundance of red cedar trees made it the perfect exterior finish for the modest homes of the time. The modern-day architecture referred to as "Hamptons Shingle Style" utilizes this humble building material as the finish for elaborate Hamptons estates.

The House and Property
Hermosa Lodge is one of the few farmhouses which have survived from the 1600's. The property's first owners predated 1686. Expanded over generations, the house derived its form from early English and Dutch traditional homes and although modified over time, still remains an excellent example of architectural decoration of the 1700 and 1800's. The property boasts spacious lawns, 200 year old shade trees with hammocks and a lovely porch overlooking our beautiful swimming pool. For these reasons Hermosa Lodge is unique among hotels in Southampton.

You can view the Lodge room by room, by clicking on the "Rooms" link of this site.

In brief, it is not possible to be more centrally located in the Hamptons. Hermosa Lodge rests in the center of the Hamptons, four miles to Southampton, one mile to Bridgehampton, six miles to East Hampton.

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